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How to Delete Gmail Attachments Without Deleting the Emails

When you create a Google account, you also get some free online cloud storage. Cloud storage is a place for reliably and securely storing documents, images, videos, and any other files, in a way that allows you to access them from anywhere. Each Google account comes with 15 GB of free storage, which is enough to store about 15 hours of high-quality video or several thousand high-quality images. This storage is shared among all of the Google apps you use, including Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail. If you store large files in your Google Drive (often these are videos, application backups, zip files, miscellaneous binary files), backup your phone’s images and videos to your Google Photos, or often send or receive emails with large attachments, the available space in your Google storage can fill up quickly. When Google Photos started, the photos and videos backed up using the “ Storage Saver Quality ” (previously referred to as “High Quality”) didn’t use up any of your Google storage

How to Delete Gmail Attachments Without Deleting the Emails